Java Beans

Steven Jones

Tuesday March 25th at 7:00pm
College of Dupage Room SRC-1024


In the very near future, everything will be components. The new Java Beans component architecture introduced officially with the latest version of the JDK will both compete and integrate with Microsoft's ActiveX strategy. All Java IDE vendors will become Beans-compliant and the component development paradigm will begin to pervade all development going forward. In this presentation, we will explore the Java Beans architecture and discover how simple and elegant component development and assembly has become with the Java platform. Sun's Beans Development Kit (BDK) will be used to demonstrate the beans and handouts will include the source for three beans. No Java development experience is assumed or required.

Speaker Bio

Steven Jones is a Software Architect with ISA ("is-a") Services, Inc., specializing in distributed object technologies. Mr. Jones has helped clients to design and build powerful application frameworks that take advantage of distributed objects and which help to form the foundation of an overall system architecture. For the past year, he has been developing Web-based, distributed object solutions and is a strong Java proponent.

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