How to choose a commercial backup product

W. Curtis Preston

Tuesday November 25th at 7:00pm
College of Dupage Room SRC-1024


Every backup implementation leaves out something. Historically this has been because good methods to back up all types of data have not been available. Attempting to rectify this, many companies have purchased products that they did not need, and others have purchased the wrong products. The main reason for this is that many system administrators simply do not know the options that are available to them, and the only source for this information is typically a vendor.

This talk will explain the different types of data that must be backed up, and the native and public domain utilities that attempt to do so. This talk will also cover the limitations of such implementations, to allow the administrator to decide whether or not a commercial product is really necessary. A complete overview will follow of all the types of commercial products available, including software and hardware. This overview will include information on how to select one of these products for your yourself.

Speaker Bio

W. Curtis Preston is a specialist in Disaster Recovery as well as Enterprise Backup Systems. He has been designing and operating such systems for approximately five years, and has successfully recovered from many types of disasters.

Curtis writes for leading industry publications and speaks around the world about backups and disaster recovery. He is also currently writing the upcoming book "Enterprise Backup and Recovery" for O'Reilly and Associates.

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