The Contact Architecture:
A case study of perl as an integration language

La Monte H.P. Yarroll and Doug Blair

Tuesday September 23rd at 7:00pm
College of Dupage Room SRC-1024


We work for ITS in a large technology company based in the Chicago area. We are involved in an effort to re-engineer our internal help desk to improve service. Our primary focus has been integrating some of the technologies our internal clients use to contact us with our issue tracking system, Action Request System, from Remedy Corporation.

We seek to generalize call center notions such as intelligent routing and agent-available routing from telephony to email, web, walkin, and other communication methods. We seek to provide our help desk agents with an uniform interface to our communication media.

We needed a development platform which would let us easily manipulate all of these technologies. We chose perl 5.

This is the story of our effort. How has the implementation deviated from our original vision? How is perl 5 performing as a development environment? Would we recommend our approach to other organizations? What creative messages can we inflict up the displays of unsuspecting telesets and text pagers? :-)

Here is a brief outline:

Speaker Bios

Doug Blair has been providing technical support since 1980. Doug has been a Clout Project admin since about 1990. He is the zone contact for and a member of the Remedy Technical Advisory Counsel. Doug does Remedy support and development for Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group's ITS. Doug makes the unverified claim that he can reach punch cards with nothing more than a strong light. ...and he isn't a DJ any more!

La Monte H.P. Yarroll took his first programming contract in 1980. He is a charter member of UniForum Chicago. He is one of the two founding Clout Project admins and the administrative contact for La Monte spent several years as a programming language developer at the University of Tasmania. He wisely claims to have lost all skill at reading paper tape. He won't publicly acknowledge the company he currently works for until such time as they might acknowledge the validity of his electronic identity.

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