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Beginner's Guide to Cracking

Tuesday December 19th at 7:00pm (NOTE the earlier date) College of Dupage Room ICC-3001


The December meeting of UniForum Chicago will be a panel discussion on cracking. This discussion will focus on the technical aspects of the different methods that crackers use to gain unauthorized access to computers. Along with the weaknesses that crackers exploit, the methods employed to prevent that exploitation will be explained.

Specific incidents will be discussed, including the 1987 AT&T Shadowhawk incident. Other attacks/items that may be discussed depending on time and interest are: (a) sniffer attacks, (b) setuid program holes and weaknesses, (c) bin/mail holes, (d) why setuid shell scripts are vulnerable, (e) CERT warnings, (f) symbolic links holes, (g) ftp holes, (h) xterm holes, (i) cracking passwords, (j) internet worm.

Attendees are encourage to bring their own anecdotes, but are asked to be ready to present their story in a concise manner as this meeting will be moderated.

Panelist Bio

Doug Price is Vice President of Communications and Security at Advanced Health/Med-E-Systems. Doug assisted in investigation of the Shadowhawk incident at AT&T in 1987 which lead to one of the first convictions under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, while a consultant at AT&T.

Randy Herber has done operating systems support for 30 years at Amdahl, AT&T, and FermiLab. Randy has just returned from a national security conference in Baltimore.

Bob Radvanovski has been working with UNIX for 15 years. Bob has a background in finding and patching security holes in UNIX.

The meeting will be moderated by Glenn Stafford, whose qualification for moderating this meeting is his authoritative umpire attitude.

Getting to the meeting

The next meeting of UniForum Chicago will be from 7:00 pm to 9:00 PM on Tuesday, December 19, 1995 at the College of DuPage. The address of the meeting facility is:

        College of DuPage
        Building ICC, Rm 3001 (enter via SRC building)
        22nd and Lambert
        Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-6599
Take 355 to Butterfield Rd (Rt 56). Butterfield West to Lambert Rd. Lambert Rd North to first right after College Road. Park in lots 7 or 8 and walk to SRC building. Enter the SRC building by the southwest entrance (the nearest to the two lots) and go up the two flights of stairs immediately inside the entrance. Room ICC 3001 will be straight ahead and the first room on your left.

Contact Michael Potter at (630) 960-0133 x615 for additional information.

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