Fibre Channel and SCSI: Compare and Contrast

Greg Schulz


Tuesday, November 24, 7:00-9:00 pm
College of DuPage Room SRC-1024


Many people are familiar with the SCSI storage interface and its many variations (Wide, Narrow, Differential, Ultra, etc.). This session will present a basic review of SCSI from which comparisons can be made in discussing Fibre Channel. This session will concentrate on Fibre Channel including topologies, protocols, configuration issues, as well as compare its strengths to SCSI. This session will present examples and discussions on Fibre Channel topologies (Point to Point, Hub/Loop, and Switch) as well as cabling (Copper, Optical) and what components are needed. The attendee will gain a better understanding of what Fibre Channel is, what it is not TODAY, and what it will be tomorrow.

Sample applications and implementations will also be presented using Fibre Channel, as well as a combination of Fibre Channel and SCSI.

Speaker Bio

Greg brings over 17 years systems experience ranging from PCs, Open Systems, Mainframes and most everything in between. Greg has worked with applications including transportation, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, telco, and utilities. Greg has worked as a programmer, analyst, capacity planner, storage consultant and has a masters in software engineering. Greg has spoken at numerous conferences, and has had material published in several journals. Greg works closely with customers developing high performance, highly available I/O and storage solutions for mission critical and enterprise applications including OLTP and data warehouse.

Greg has presented at Server I/O, InforStor, SURF, ATT/NCR Conference, DECUS and is currently scheduled for the Fibre Channel Technology Conference in San Jose in September, UniForum in Chicago during August, and several other pending engagements. Greg has had material published in Digital Journal, Sys. Admin. Journal, and Computer Technology Review. This is in addition to regular speaking engagements and presentations with customers, industry and financial analysts.

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