Discovering the Inferno Network Operating System

(Joint meeting with IEEE and SWE)

Dr. Olivier Clarisse

Lucent Technologies

Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00pm
Lucent at Naperville


When engineers replace a complex and overloaded structure by a small, simple and effective substitute - a breakthrough happens - such is the case with the Inferno Network Operating System.

As history shows, Bell Laboratories has facilitated many breakthroughs. Lucent Technologies first insures these new approaches work, and then applies them to its telecommunication systems.

Lucent has started applying Inferno in developing secure network computing and application distribution solutions.

Dr. Clarisse will talk about the key aspects of the Inferno system and its companion language called Limbo. He will give examples of Inferno's capabilities in recent application development projects.

The Inferno/Limbo system is ready to provide to communication systems what UNIX/C has provided to computer systems. Inferno Release 2.0 delivers tomorrow's full-featured operating systems today and achieves tremendous simplification over today's computing and communications technologies.

Dr. Clarisse will also compare Inferno/Limbo with similar systems such as the popular Java Programming Language and how it complements Inferno/Limbo.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Olivier Clarisse is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies. He joined the Lucent Inferno Joint Venture in the Inferno Server Solutions group in August 1997. He now leverages the next generation network operating system to deliver full-featured applications on tiny devices.

He published several articles describing visual software assembly systems, participated in the authoring of a book, organized and chaired several workshops, has been invited speaker at conferences and universities. He is the president of the Association of Lisp Users, a member of the IEEE, ACM, Sigma-Xi, and SEE, SIESE (France).

Getting to the meeting

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