General Meeting

Distributed Computing Using Java RMI

Intelligroup Inc

Tuesday, April 27, 7:00-9:00 pm
College of DuPage Room K-161


The Internet has taken the world by storm and has created a paradigm shift in the way computers are being utilized. Increasingly more and more applications are based on distributed architectures. Integration of various technologies and networking are central to these applications.

This presentation is aimed at giving the audience exposure to distributed computing and focus on Java Remote Method Invocation (Java-RMI). The Java distributed computing architecture will be explained. A basic understanding of object oriented programming would be useful but not necessary to understand the concepts. A demo is also planned after which the source code would be discussed as well.

Speaker Bio

Venkat currently works as a Senior Consultant at Intelligroup Inc. in their Advanced Technology Division. His interests include object oriented design, distributed computing, and electronic commerce. Venkat was a Rocket Scientist in his former career. He has a strong programming background and is well versed in several programming languages, operating systems, and architectures. Java has been his programming language of choice for the last three years. Venkat has given several presentations on various topics related to Java, Internet, and OO design. He has presented papers at International conferences on rocket propulsion and has published in the Journal of Propulsion and Power. In his spare time Venkat practises Kung Fu and plays a variety of sports. He is also an avid fan of science fiction.

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