General Meeting

Editor Wars: Emacs strikes back

David J. Young
Collective Technologies

Tuesday, July 27, 7:00-9:00 pm
College of DuPage Room SRC-1048


Any user familiar with UNIX has probably encountered and had to use the vi text editor. vi is ubiquitous, and has some powerful features. For simple text editing or to modify UNIX configuration files, vi is a nice, quick light-weight text editor. However serious programmers and administrators use Emacs as their editor and environment of choice.

This talk will give a basic history and overview of the Emacs text editor. You'll see that Emacs is more prevalent in the UNIX community than generally realized. We'll explore the reasons why programmers and power-users prefer Emacs as their editor of choice. The talk will end with a demonstration of GNU Emacs.

Speaker Bio

David J. Young has over 15 years experience as a systems management consultant and is currently a Principal Consultant with Collective Technologies.

David has used GNU Emacs for more than 8 years, and still discovers powerful capabilities built-in to the editor all of the time. He has performed many Emacs demonstrations, and usually convinces his audience that Emacs is definitely the "better ultimate editor".

This abstract created with Emacs (on Win95).

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