Websites mentioned at the UniForum Chicago general meeting, Sept 25th 2007:

Must Know Sites

Search: Google
Books: Amazon
Technical Books: O'Reilly
Video: Youtube
News: Techie news
Software Index: Freshmeat
Software Repository: SourceForge
Travel: Expedia
Short URLs

Favorite Links

from the Audience-
Follow your Friends
Find a library book
IT Netcasts
Things you shouldn't do
Firefox addons
MR Tech Local Install :: Firefox Add-ons
Google Advanced Toolbar
Add WorldCat Library to Firefox Search Bar

David Young -
W3 Schools
Rogue Spyware
Brands of the World
Largest repository of stock and licensed images
Developer Zone

Ginger Wong -
UNIX commands matrix (compare different flavors)
Online O'Reilly books (Free)

Scott Nemec -
TechDirt blog
TheStreet.Com Cryto-Gram
JMS News - stored blog for Babylon 5 writer
Pandora Radio - web ipod

Randy Smith -
GCM Travel
Web Archive
Web Traffic & Information
Space Pictures
What's popular on the web

Bill Latura -
The Register
Boing Boing
Make Magazine