Advanced Home Networking, Security, Windows Server setup, VLANS, Firewalls

Charles Buege

Thursday November 30th 2017 at 6:30pm
Fountaindale Library Bolingbrook IL, Board Room (2nd floor)


What's on YOUR home network? Curious about expanding what you have? Concerned about security and what you can do about it?

Join us on what will be an interesting and intriguing presentation and discussion on the physical configuration of VLANS, Windows Server 2012 R2 Active Directory setups, VMware vCenter Server setups, Cisco ASA Firewall, Palo Alto Firewall and Cisco switch configuration in a home environment.

This presentation will be an overview of Charles's home network setup. Questions about how and why he's done what he has done are greatly encouraged.

His network has many servers, switches, and even firewalls (yes, 3!) running on it. Within that network, he has two VMware vCenter environments with two full Active Directory 2012 R2 environments. There will be discussion of how to do this legally - it's not as expensive as you'd expect.

Charles will take everyone through the process of how this all came to be, why he made the decisions he did when building all of this out, how it is administered and utilized today, and what next plans he has with regards to where the system will go in the future. Again, questions are strongly encouraged.

As usual we will be having a "Meeting After the Meeting" for talk and drinks, and since the meeting is on Thursday we are planning it at the Bulldog Alehouse restaurant in Bolingbrook on Weber Rd. The link goes to the restaurant's Bolingbrook website with a clickable, expandable map.


Charles has been an IT professional for over 25 years. He started doing phone tech support back in the 90's and if you were capable of talking a 70+ year old person through a Windows 95 installation without a mouse, you knew what you were doing. Today, Charles is working for two different companies. He works as Research and Development/ IT Special Projects for The Morey Corporation out of Woodridge and also works as. Systems Architect/DBA for TeMeDa, LLC based out of Naperville.

With over 20 years at Morey, he has implemented nearly nearly every upgrade, modification, and improvement to their systems since they implemented their first network in 1996. Since then, Morey has developed a strong Cisco infrastructure with Palo Alto firewalls, two internet connections, and multiple other capabilities.

Working for TeMeDa, he has helped them grow a cloud infrastructure that is robust, scalable, and able to handle the processing of several million records per day. Whether it is supporting VMware, test/development environments, or writing web browser automation testing, Charles is finding that there is no part of IT that he can't bend to his will as necessary.

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