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UniForum Chicago is the Chicago area affiliate of UniForum. UniForum Chicago has monthly educational meetings to provide a local forum in the Chicago area for open systems and UNIX discussion and to provide an opportunity to meet other professionals in our field.


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    Please contact us at one of the group's general meetings, or send an email to info@uniforumchicago.org letting us know you are interested in being a volunteer.

    If you have ideas on what you can do to help, please include those ideas when you contact us.

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Materials from some recent presentations

Presentation TopicPresenter
Tawking Awk
[PDF Extra]
[Zoom Chat txt from meeting]
[YouTube video of meeting]
Kent Archie
Building and Promoting a Website with (Almost) No Budget
[Zoom Chat txt with list of mentioned URLs]
Sally Gradle
Working from Home, & the State/Technology of Video Conferencing
[video on facebook]
Mike Andrews
Seat Belts and Airbags for bash
Michael Potter
Planning a Powerful WordPress Website
Scott Winterroth
Pi-hole, Windows Subsystem for Linux and CircuitPython
Dave Putz & Connie Sieh
Solving the Regular Expressions Puzzle
Jonathan Hadley
(Re)Introducing Aurora: Becoming Exascale Reality
[PDF] [MP4] [MP4] [MP4] [MP4]
Ti Leggett
Privacy in a Digital Age
Howard Fosdick
Write Once, Run Several Places: Cross platform development on the desktop and mobile
[Presentation and Code on GitHub]
Kent Archie
Teaching Web Skills
Scott Winterroth
Hands-On with IPv6
Peter Fales

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