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UniForum Chicago is the Chicago area affiliate of UniForum. UniForum Chicago has monthly educational meetings to provide a local forum in the Chicago area for open systems and UNIX discussion and to provide an opportunity to meet other professionals in our field.


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Materials from some recent presentations

Presentation TopicPresenter
Understanding & Using systemd
Erik Johnson
Intro to 3D Printing
Peter Fales
Fail2Ban: Failure is delay, not defeat
David J. Young
Recipe for the Perfect Supercomputer
William Allcock
The Science of Computing @Fermilab
Sharan Kalwani
Creating a remote backup appliance with Bit Torrent and Raspberry Pi
Conrad Barski
Conrad Barski
CAcert.org - Open Technology PKI
[email Ken to get current PDF]
Ken Schumacher
Introduction to ITIL v3
Ron Young
Building Network Attached Storage
Paul Rak
[PDF Slides]
Erik Johnson
Career Opportunties for Chicagoland C++ Developers in 2012-2013
[PDF Slides]
Brennan Hughes
Steganography over the Covert Channels of TCP/IP
[PDF Slides] [PDF WhitePaper]
Hal Wigoda
Linux for Dessert: Experimenting with the Raspberry Pi [PPT] Jeff Jirsa
Implementing vSphere [PPTX] David J Young

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