Previous events

Here is a list of our recent meetings and topics:
Mar 2024: Integrating AI Into Your Content Creation and Optimization - Brian Piper
Feb 2024: Learning to Love systemd - David Both
Nov 2023: Search Engine Optimization: Challenges & Opportunities - Joe Vangsness
Sept 2023: Bash Configuration and Usage - David Both
July 2023: Automatic Machine Learning with Auto^{n}ML - Piggy Yarroll
May 2023: My View on the Future of Leadership Computing - William Allcock
February 2023: Quantum Computing - Martin Laforest
December 2022: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($25 charge for non-members)
May 2022: Interesting & Handy Raspberry Pi Projects - Scott Winterroth
February 2022: Search Engine Optimization: Get Better Results from the Web - Joe Vangsness
November 2021: Everything You Need To Know About Electric Vehicles (EVs) - Jim Weichel
October 2021: The Future of Programming (aka The Scribe's Oath) - Robert C. Martin
April 2021: Introducing the Sonic Pi
(Code-based music creation and performance tool) - Jonathan Hadley
March 2021: No General Meeting in March 2021
February 2021: Launch a WordPress Website (and pick the right theme) - Scott Winterroth
January 2021: Introduction to Kubernetes - Janne Pelkonen
December 2020: No Annual Pizza Party due to Covid-19 Illinois group limitations for inside meetings
November 2020: No General Meeting in November 2020
October 2020: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 2021: What You Should Know - Nancy Burgess
September 2020: No General Meeting in September 2020
August 2020: Tawking AWK - Kent Archie
July 2020: Building and Promoting a Website with (Almost) No Budget - Sally Gradle
June 2020: Computer Security Super Session with Dr. Eugene Spafford
May 2020: No General Meeting in May 2020
April 2020: Working from Home, and the State/Technology of Video Conferencing - Mike Andrews
March 2020: Seat Belts and Airbags for bash (Virtual presentation) - Michael Potter
February 2020: Planning a Powerful WordPress Website - Scott Winterroth
January 2020: Pi-hole, Windows Subsystem for Linux and CircuitPython - Dave Putz & Connie Sieh
December 2019: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2019: Solving the Regular Expressions Puzzle - Jonathan Hadley
October 2019: (Re)Introducing Aurora: Becoming Exascale Reality - Ti Leggett
September 2019: Open Mic - Lightning Talks
August 2019: Privacy in a Digital Age - Howard Fosdick
July 2019: Ethereum 101 - Conrad Barski
June 2019: Write Once, Run Several Places: Cross platform development on the desktop and mobile - Kent Archie
May 2019: Open Discussion
April 2019: How To Start Podcasting - Pat Helmers
March 2019: 3D Printing Redux - Peter Fales
February 2019: Teaching Web Skills - Scott Winterroth
January 2019: Hands-on with IPv6 - Peter Fales
December 2018: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2018: The Adventure of Building a Hackintosh- A Maze...Of Twisty Little Passages...All Different... - Mike Andrews
October 2018: Using Jquery and Bootstrap to Build Websites - Jeff Jirsa
September 2018: How to Make an Old Computer Useful Again - Howard Fosdick
August 2018: Edge Computing and its Applications in Scientific Research - Rajesh Sankaran
July 2018: UniForum Chicago Game Show 2018 - David J. Young
June 2018: No Meeting in June.
May 2018: DIY IoT (Do It Yourself Internet of Things) - Dave Putz / Connie Sieh
April 2018: Setup and Administration of CentOS 7 - Charles Buege
March 2018: Hands-on With Docker Containers - Peter Fales
February 2018: The SIP stack: A look under the hood of Voice over IP - Dr. Vijay K. Gurbani
January 2018: Get Ready for Parallel Programming, Featuring Parallella - Raymond Hightower
December 2017: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2017: General meeting: Advanced Home Networking, Security, Windows Server setup, VLANS, Firewalls - Charles Buege
October 2017: General meeting: What is the Plum Geek Ringo Robot? - Kent Archie some lightning talks - Peter Fales
September 2017: General meeting: Home Automation with 'Internet of Things' Part 2 - Mike Andrews
August 2017: General meeting: Open Discussion
July 2017: General meeting: Zero to 26,000: My Journey into Open Source with GitHub - Steven Maguire
June 2017: General meeting: The Inner Source Revolution: How corporations create commercial software using open source methodologies - Dr. Vijay Gurbani
May 2017: General meeting: Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community - Ed Finkler
April 2017: General meeting: Understanding and Using systemd - Erik Johnson
March 2017: General meeting: Intro to 3-D Printing - Peter Fales
February 2017: General meeting: Home Automation with 'Internet of Things' Part 1 - Mike Andrews
January 2017: General meeting: Fail2Ban: Failure is delay, not defeat - David J. Young
December 2016: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2016: General meeting: Open Discussion
October 2016: General meeting: Fermilab Tour
September 2016: General meeting: Development of an Autonomous Movement Framework for Drones - Theo Rivere & Jeremy Hajek
August 2016: General meeting: Tweeting, Trending and Hashtagging: An Overview of Twitter and its Uses - Dr. Kelly Quinn
July 2016: General meeting: Argonne Is On The Road To Exascale - Dr. Michael Papka
June 2016: General meeting: Airborne Weather and Traffic Info using Raspberry Pi - Grant Prellwitz
May 2016: General meeting: Inversion Of Control and Node.JS - Kent Archie and Daryl Monge
April 2016: General meeting: Hacking Internet-Enabled WiFi Thermostats - Peter Fales
March 2016: General meeting: Open Discussion
February 2016: General meeting: Introduction to Perl 6 - Rob Hoelz
January 2016: General meeting: Programming the Pebble Time and Apple Watches - Daryl Monge & Kent Archie
December 2015: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2015: General meeting: Deep Learning with Caffe & DIGITS for Robotic Coin Collecting - Paul Krush
October 2015: General meeting: Open Source Drone Development - Mark Milhouse
September 2015: General meeting: Benefits of 2-factor Authentication to Privileged Accounts - Douglas O'Leary
August 2015: General meeting: Open Discussion
July 2015: General meeting: Open Discussion
June 2015: General meeting: Recipe for the Perfect Supercomputer - William Allcock
May 2015: General meeting: How to Hire and Get Hired: Proven Strategies - Tom Nosal
April 2015: General meeting: Open Discusion
March 2015: General meeting: Open Discusion
February 2015: General meeting: Open Discusion
January 2015: General meeting: Column Store Databases - Daryl Monge
December 2014: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2014: General meeting: Some Practical Uses for the Raspberry PI - John Spizzirri
October 2014: General meeting: What's new in computing today at Fermi - Sharan Kalwani
September 2014: General meeting: Open Discussion
August 2014: General meeting: Creating a remote backup appliance with BitTorrent Sync and Raspberry Pi - Tom Purl
July 2014: General meeting: Volume Encryption using Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) - Erik Johnson
June 2014: General meeting: Open Discussion
May 2014: General meeting: Resume's & Job Interviews for Technical Jobs - Andy Lester
April 2014: General meeting: Supercomputing and You - Sharan Kalwani
March 2014: General meeting: Open Discussion
February 2014: General meeting: Conrad's Bitcoin Super Crash Course - Conrad Barski
January 2014: General meeting: Real or Fake? - David Young
December 2013: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($15 charge for non-members)
November 2013: General meeting: - Open Technology PKI - Ken Schumacher
October 2013: General meeting: Introduction to ITIL V3 - Ron Young
September 2013: General meeting: Negotiate Like a Pro! - Lauren Milligan
August 2013: General meeting: Open Discussion
July 2013: General meeting: Open Discussion
June 2013: General meeting: Network Attached Storage (NAS): Building Your Own - Paul Rak
May 2013: General meeting: Canceled
April 2013: General meeting: Getting Started with Salt Stack - Erik Johnson
March 2013: General meeting: Open Discussion
February 2013: General meeting: Mojolicious - Jeff Jirsa
January 2013: General meeting: Open Discussion
December 2012: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($15 charge for non-members)
November 2012: General meeting: Open Discussion
November 2012: SIG meeting: Career Opportunties for Chicagoland C++ Developers in 2012-2013 - Gene Panov and Brennan Hughes
October 2012: General meeting: Open Discussion
October 2012: SIG meeting: Steganography over the Covert Channels of TCP/IP - Hal Wigoda
September 2012: General meeting: Open Discussion
September 2012: SIG meeting: Bring Your Ideas (Short Mtg then Cozymel's)
August 2012: General meeting: Bring Your Ideas (Short Mtg then Cozymel's)
August 2012: SIG meeting: Linux for Dessert: Experimenting with Raspberry Pi - Jeff Jirsa
July 2012: General meeting: Bring Your Ideas (Short Mtg then Cozymel's)
July 2012: SIG meeting: Building Cross Platform Apps Using Qt and Qyoto - Jeff Alstadt
June 2012: General Meeting: Implementing vSphere
June 2012: SIG meeting: Fermilab Tour
May 2012: General meeting: Short 'Bring Your Own Topic' Meeting, then Go To Cozymel's
May 2012: SIG meeting: 29 Ways to Get Started in Open Source Today - Andy Lester
April 2012: General meeting: No Presention, Just Talked
April 2012: SIG meeting: Argonne National Lab Tour
March 2012: General meeting: Open Meeting - Bring Your Own Topics or What You Want to Share
March 2012: SIG meeting: Using Virtual Linux to Support a 911 Phone System - Jason Shy
February 2012: General meeting: Two Extremes: Grid Computing and Globus vs. Massively Parallel Computing for Big Science - William Allcock
February 2012: SIG meeting: Creating Android Applications - John Mahady
January 2012: General meeting: LinkedIn to Your Job Search - Becky Brillon, MS-HRM
January 2012: SIG meeting: Using Parted Magic OS - John Spizzirri
December 2011: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($15 charge for non-members)
November 2011: General meeting: Secrets to Start Earning Money Quickly by Landing Great Freelance and Consulting Clients - Diana Schniedman
November 2011: SIG meeting: Insider Secrets to Conducting an Effective Online Job Search - Lauren Milligan
October 2011: General meeting: General Get-Together
October 2011: SIG meeting: No meeting held
September 2011: General meeting: Bring Your Favorite
September 2011: SIG meeting: No meeting held
August 2011: General meeting: MooseFS - Zachary Wagner & Jeremy Hajek, IIT-Rice
August 2011: SIG meeting: Overview on Cloud Development Options - Jeremy Hajek
July 2011: General meeting: Amateur Radio and the Internet - Dean Holste
July 2011: SIG meeting: No meeting held
June 2011: General meeting: Physical Security for Cyborgs - Roger G. Johnston
June 2011: SIG meeting: Technology Share Night
May 2011: General meeting: Staging up Computer Electronics Apps
with Open Source Arduino - Pete DuMelle
May 2011: SIG meeting: Google Sites - David Young
April 2011: General meeting: What Is Cloud Computing Really? - Scott C. Clark
April 2011: SIG meeting: Google Picasa - David Young
March 2011: General meeting: Making Drupal Run Faster - Andrew Kucharski
March 2011: SIG meeting: Google Books - David Young
February 2011: General meeting: Putting Your Websites Into Hyperdrive With Google Optimizer and Google Analytics - Pete DuMelle
February 2011: SIG meeting: Google Earth - John Spizzirri
January 2011: General meeting: UniForum Chicago Game Show
January 2011: SIG meeting: Google Talk - David Young
December 2010: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($20 charge for non-members)
November 2010: General meeting: IPv6 ...The Next Generation of Internet Protocols - Jon Evans
November 2010: SIG meeting: Google Maps - David Young
October 2010: General Meeting: An Introduction to Android App Design - Anthony Hand
September 2010: General Meeting: Kernel Level Virtualization in Linux with OpenVZ - Steven McGrath
September 2010: SIG meeting: Gmail - David Young
August 2010: General meeting: A Geek's Guide to Getting Hired in Today's Job Market - Dave Ross
August 2010: SIG meeting: Git - Andy Lester
July 2010: General meeting: Communication Soft Skills for the Hard Core Geek - Paul Rak
July 2010: SIG meeting: Perl 5.12 - Andy Lester
June 2010: General meeting: OpenNMS - Kevin Breit
June 2010: SIG meeting: No meeting held
May 2010: General meeting: Google Apps - Rachel Baker
May 2010: SIG meeting: No meeting held
April 2010: General meeting: A Zabbix Believer's Story... - Jayesh Thakrar
April 2010: SIG meeting: No meeting held
March 2010: General meeting: Overview of Drupal - Doug Vann
March 2010: SIG meeting: iPopping iPhone Apps - Daryl Monge
February 2010: General meeting: The Open Source Community - Getting Started and Staying Involved - Rich Johnson
February 2010: SIG meeting: No meeting held
January 2010: General meeting: Separating Yourself from the Crowd in a Tight Job Market
January 2010: SIG meeting: No meeting held
December 2009: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
November 2009: General meeting: Snow Leopard: the latest Mac OS upgrade - Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch
November 2009: SIG meeting: Advanced MySQL Topics - John Mahady
October 2009: General meeting: This Old PHP Website: Lessons learned rehabbing an *AMP application
October 2009: Polyglot programmer's meeting: No Meeting held
September 2009: General meeting: Career Camp (2 speakers)
- Perfecting Your Job Search: The Story Behind the Story - Lauren Milligan
- Effective Job Interviewing from Both Sides of the Desk - Andy Lester
- professional photographer Rich Cullen was available before the meeting to take digital head shots
September 2009: Polyglot programmer's meeting: Introduction to JavascriptMVC 2.0 - Brian Moschel
August 2009: General meeting: So, Why Do Projects Slip? - Ron Holohan
August 2009: Polyglot programmer's meeting: Implementing a Java Persistance Layer with Hibernate, Spring, and DBUnit - David Lucek
July 2009: General meeting: Google App Engine - Jeff Norris
July 2009: SIG meeting: Introduction to Android - Roberto C. Serrano
June 2009: General meeting: Get on the Stick - John Chapman
June 2009: Polyglot Programmers meeting: No Meeting held
May 2009: General meeting: Business Linux Routers - Joe Flasch
May 2009: SIG meeting: CSS comes after HTML - David J. Young
April 2009: General meeting: Eclipse Rich Client Platform - Patrick Paulin
April 2009: Polyglot Programmers meeting: HAML, SASS & Tenplate - Dan Nawara
March 2009: General meeting: E-Discovery and Computer Forensics - David Knutson
March 2009: Apple SIG meeting: iPhone SDK - Java Developers Perspective - Rakesh Vidyadharan
February 2009: General meeting: Building DSLs with Groovy: A Real-World Case Study - Sten Anderson
February 2009: Polyglot Programmers meeting: ...was Canceled
January 2009: General meeting: Solaris Virtualization - Asim Zuberi
January 2009: Polyglot Programmers meeting: ...was Canceled
December 2008: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
November 2008: General meeting: Cisco Aggregation Services Routers - William Wolfe
November 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: Eclipse Plug-in Development - Kevin P. Taylor
October 2008: General meeting: Linux on the IBM Mainframe: zLinux - Scott O. Lundell
October 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: ...was Canceled
September 2008: General meeting: VMWare in Public Computing/Deploy - Steven McGrath
September 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: Erlang Functional Programming Workshop - Martin Logan
August 2008: General meeting: Bacula (an enterprise class open source backup tool) - Hemant Shah
August 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: Ruby Driven Java Development - Renzo Borgatti
July 2008: General meeting: SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) - Michael Potter
July 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: Just Enough C for Open Source Programmers - Andy Lester
June 2008: General meeting: ...was Canceled
June 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: Strangling a Java Webapp with Rails - Tyler Jennings
May 2008: General meeting: WaveMaker - Wendy Schott
May 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: The JavaScript Renaissance - Part III: Modern Javascript Libraries - Frederick Polgardy
April 2008: General meeting: Computer Security at Fermilab - Tim Rupp
April 2008: Polyglot Programmers meeting: Introduction to Ruby and Desktop Application Development with Glimmer - Andy Maleh
March 2008: General meeting: AthenaVerify Wireless Best Practices - Felix Mathew & Siddhaarth Rajkumar
March 2008: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Robust Shell Scripting using Bash 3.x - Michael Potter
February 2008: General meeting: Service Oriented Architecture with JBoss - Jim Tyrrell
February 2008: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: The JavaScript Renaissance Part II: The Browser - Frederick Polgardy
January 2008: General meeting: A Talk about VMware 6 - Bill Call
January 2008: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: The JavaScript Renaissance Part I: The Core Language - Frederick Polgardy
December 2007: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
November 2007: General meeting: Sudo - Secure and Convenient / TiddlyWiki - Michael Potter / David Young
November 2007: Simple Photo Processing and Web Display with Perl - Kent Cowgill
October 2007: General meeting: How to Revive an Old Pentium
October 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Chicago Perl Mongers Tool Expo
September 2007: General meeting: Share Your Favorite Websites - Everyone
September 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Development Process Lessons from Open Source - Andy Lester
August 2007: General meeting: XML: one step past introduction - Michael Potter
August 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Perl Unit and Functional Testing - Kent Cowgill
July 2007: General meeting: TiddlyWiki - David J. Young
July 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: WWW::Mechanize - Andy Lester
June 2007: General meeting: SSH: the Secure Shell - Hemant Shah
June 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Perl Program Repair Shop - Andy Lester
May 2007: General meeting: Podcasting: Upfront and Backstage, High Altitude and Low - Mike Andrews
May 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Introduction to Unicode - Clyde Forrester
April 2007: General meeting: $100 Laptop Project - Ian Bicking
April 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: 101 Things Every Perl Programmer Should Know - Andy Lester / Pete Krawczyk
March 2007: General meeting: Developing Scalable Web Applications with PHP5 and Symfony - Jeff Jirsa
March 2007: Chi Perl Mongers meeting: Dynamic Language Hootenanny - Chris McAvoy
February 2007: General Mtg: Introducing Ruby and Ruby on Rails - Tyler Jennings
February 2007: ChiPerlMongers Mtg: [topic postponed to March because of snowstorm]
January 2007: General Mtg: Extracting the Ham from Spam - David J. Young
January 2007: ChiPerlMongers Mtg: New Modules for the New Year - Pete Krawczyk / Andy Lester / Josh McAdams
December 2006: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
November 2006: General Mtg: Google Hacking Basics - Steven McGrath
November 2006: SIG Mtg: Ajax and Perl - Mike Stemle
October 2006: General Mtg: Advanced Shell Scripting Using bash 3.x - Michael Potter
October 2006: SIG Mtg: I18N using Catalyst and Petal - Andrew Rodland
September 2006: General Mtg: VOIP, Satellite Dish's on a Car, and What to Add to Our Website - Open Discussion
September 2006: SIG Mtg: POE and Perl - Joshua McAdams
August 2006: General Mtg: How to make Windows Secure -- with Free Software - Howard Fosdick
August 2006: SIG Mtg: Perl, Sports, Politics, and the fine points of Exist - open discussion
July 2006: General Mtg: sudo - secure and convenient - Mike Potter / Introduction to XML - Scott J. Nemec
July 2006: SIG Mtg: PITA - Large Scale Testing Made Easier/Perl 6 Update - Pete Krawczyk/Andy Lester
June 2006: General Mtg: RD-CD: An Open Source Rootkit Detection CD - Deborah Kimnach
June 2006: SIG Mtg: Get out of technical debt now! - Andy Lester
May 2006: General Mtg: IPv6 Address Architecture - Earl McCoy
May 2006: SIG Mtg: WebGUI, Not Just Another Web Development Framework - J T Smith
Apr 2006: General Mtg: Subversion: building a better CVS - Brian W. Fitzpatrick
Apr 2006: SIG Mtg: Perl::Critic - Joshua McAdams
Mar 2006: General Mtg: Nessus Basics - Steven McGrath
Mar 2006: SIG Mtg: Perl Benchmarking - brian d foy
Feb 2006: General Mtg: Computer Veterans' War Stories: a panel discussion
Feb 2006: SIG Mtg: Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags - Mark Jason Dominus
Jan 2006: General Mtg: Core Data: Easy & Fast Data Persistence on Mac OS X - Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch
Jan 2006: SIG Mtg: Iterators and inside-out objects: Perl closures at work - Andy Lester
Dec 2005: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
Nov 2005: General Mtg: VPN's: an update - Fred Baker
Nov 2005: SIG Mtg: Web Development With Ruby and Rails - John Long
Oct 2005: General Mtg: MySQL: The Technology and the Company - John Bradford
Oct 2005: PerlSIG Mtg: The A-Z Guide To Becoming a CPAN Author - Andy Lester
Sept 2005: General Mtg: Hardening Linux - Gregory D. Rosenberg and Lee Leahu
Sept 2005: PerlSIG Mtg: References in Perl - John Gallagher and Rick Hoselton
Aug 2005: General Mtg: JiBX - Dave Lucek
Aug 2005: PerlSIG Mtg: Testing Perl Software - brian d foy
July 2005: General Mtg: Rexx - Howard Fosdick
July 2005: SIG Mtg: Canceled - no speaker
June 2005: General Mtg: Novell-SUSE Desktop Linux - Tim Kresler
June 2005: PerlSIG Mtg: Mambo: CMS made Easy - Ricardo Lopez
May 2005: General Meeting: Administrative Password Menace - Philip Lavoie
May 2005: JavaSIG Meeting: Implementing a Continuous Integration Environment with Open Source - Scott Wheeler & Quinn McCallum
Apr 2005: General Meeting: Developing Web Applications with PHP 5 - Jeff Jirsa
Apr 2005 PerlSIG Meeting: Perl Data Structures - Sam McGee
Mar 2005: General Meeting: Preventing Crisis: How to go from scapegoat to rock star
Mar 2005: JavaSIG Meeting: -- Meeting cancelled --
Feb 2005: General Meeting: Open Source Web Content Management - JT Smith
Feb 2005 PerlSIG Meeting: Factoring 101 - Rick Hoselton & Burke Gallagher
Jan 2005: General Meeting: Using Linux in the Enterprise - Jim Moyta
Jan 2005: JavaSIG Meeting: Java Object/Relational Persistence with Hibernate - Dave Lucek
Dec 2004: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
Nov 2004: General Meeting: Rescheduled to Jan - Using Linux in the Enterprise - Jim Moyta
Nov 2004: JavaSIG Meeting: -- Meeting cancelled --
Oct 2004: General Meeting: Wireless Communications - Bill Latura
Oct 2004: PerlSIG Meeting: References & Data Structures for Perl - Burke Gallagher
Sep 2004: General Meeting: Cellular Simulation on a Linux Supercluster - Michael J. North
Sep 2004: SIG Meeting: Advice for Open Source Job Seekers - Andy Lester
Aug 2004: General Meeting: MPLS VPN's - Fred Baker
Aug 2004: PerlSIG Meeting: Perl Tainting - Andy Lester
July 2004: General Meeting: - Agent-Based Modeling for Homeland Security and National Defense - Michael J. North
July 2004: JavaSIG Meeting: - Repast: A Free and Open Source Java Agent-Based Modeling Toolkit - Michael J. North
June 2004: General Meeting: Law, Technology, and the Fight Against Spam - Matthew Prince
June 2004: PerlSIG Meeting: Camelbones 101 - Jim Thomason
May 2004: General Meeting: World's Largest Databases / Certifications - Howard Fosdick
Apr 2004: General Meeting: Programming Mac OS X: Objective-C and Cocoa - Jonathan Rentzsch
Apr 2004: PerlSIG Meeting: Confessions of a ytpist or A short summary of the Perl Debugger - Steven Lembark
Mar 2004: General Meeting: Installing & Running VMWare on Linux - Steven Lembark
Mar 2004: JavaSIG Meeting: Introduction to Java Struts: an MVC Framework for Java Web Applications - Dave Lucek
Feb 2004: General Meeting: Emacs: The Ultimate Text Editor - David Young
Feb 2004: PerlSIG Meeting: Perl Wizardry From The Command-Line - Andy Lester
Jan 2004: General Meeting: Embedding Perl into your applications - Geoff Woodcock
Dec 2003: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
Nov 2003: General Meeting: Principles, Patterns, & Practices -- A decade of progress - Robert Martin
Oct 2003: General Meeting: Storage Area Networks: Why we built them, How they perform - Michael F. Lavelle
Oct 2003: PerlSIG Meeting: Blogging with Perl - Jason Scott Gessner
Sep 2003: General Meeting: Computer Jobs Survival Guide: An Independent Contractor Approach - Howard Fosdick
Sep 2003: JavaSIG Meeting: Java Security for Applications and Mobile Code - Gary Roediger
Aug 2003: General Meeting: Test Driven Development and Acceptance Testing with Fitnesse - James Grenning
Aug 2003: PerlSIG Meeting: Automated Testing of Large Projects with Perl - Andy Lester
Jul 2003: General Meeting: Today's Modern Network Killing Robot - Viki Navratilova
Jul 2003: JavaSIG Meeting: Log4J & Log4Cocoa - Jonathan Rentzsch & Bob Frank
Jun 2003: General Meeting: Essential SQL - Jeff Jirsa
Jun 2003: PerlSIG Meeting: Making Web Applications with CGI::Application - Mike Fragassi
May 2003: General Meeting: Managing your resume with Perl - Brian Katzung
May 2003: JavaSIG Meeting: Creating Java Servlet/JSP applications using the Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container - David Lucek
Apr 2003: General Meeting: Developing Web Applications with PHP - Jeff Jirsa
Apr 2003: PerlSIG Meeting: Perl Potluck - Steven Lembark
Mar 2003: General Meeting: Samba in the SOHO/SMB Environment - Arun Khan
Mar 2003: JavaSIG Meeting: Continuous Integration - Cedrick Johnson
Feb 2003: General Meeting: Virtual Private Networks - Fred Baker
Feb 2003: PerlSIG Meeting: Test:Tutorial - Andy Lester
Jan 2003: General Meeting: Firewalls - Fred Baker
Jan 2003: JavaSIG Meeting: Open Source Developer's Kit - Scott Wheeler
Dec 2002: Annual Pizza Party: Free to Members ($10 charge for non-members)
Nov 2002: General Meeting: Industrial Process Control Networks - William D. Latura
Nov 2002: PerlSIG Meeting: Job Scheduling with Perl - Steven Lembark
Oct 2002: General Meeting: Open source, Closed data: using Encryption - Blair Hicks
Oct 2002: JavaSIG Meeting: Beginner's Guide to EJB Technology - Cedric Johnson
Sep 2002: General Meeting: Linux Development using Kylix - Leland Brode
Sep 2002: PerlSIG Meeting: Perl/TK Text Widgets - Sam McGee
Aug 2002: General Meeting: Extreme Programming - La Monte Yarroll
Aug 2002: PerlSIG Meeting: Making Perl/DBI Easy - Jay Strauss
Jul 2002: General Meeting: Concurrent Versions System - Michael H. Buselli
Jul 2002: JavaSIG Meeting: What Your Teacher did not tell you in the Intro to Java class (a Java Class Primer) - Michael Potter
Jun 2002: General Meeting: Firewalls Using Linux - Blair Hicks
Jun 2002: PerlSIG Meeting: Ruby vs. Perl - Michael Buselli
May 2002: General Meeting: WebObjects: WO is Me - Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch
May 2002: PerlSIG Meeting: Perl In The Workplace Today (Using Perl/Tk) - Sam McGee
Apr 2002: General Meeting: Linux and Embedded Operating Systems - Bill Latura
Apr 2002: Special Meeting: The Open Source Revolution - Eric S. Raymond
Apr 2002: PerlSIG: Perl for the Web - Burke Gallagher
Mar 2002: General Meeting: Internet Routing - Fred P. Baker
Mar 2002: PerlSIG: Reusable Perl Modules - Geoffrey Rommel
Feb 2002: General Meeting: Writing Technical Documentation with DocBook - Kevin Conder
Feb 2002: PerlSIG: The Once and Future Perl6 - Randal L. Schwartz
Jan 2002: General Meeting (Annual Elections): IP Telephony
Jan 2002: PerlSIG: Using Perl for System Administration Tasks - Glenn Stafford
Dec 2001: Annual Pizza Party
Nov 2001: General Meeting: What's TRECC and What Can It Do For You? - Jack Curley
Nov 2001: PerlSIG: Perl Genealogy Application - Burke Gallagher
Oct 2001: General Meeting: Under the Hood: The Architecture of Mac OS X - Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch
Oct 2001: PerlSIG: Perl Potluck - Steven Lembark
Sep 2001: General Meeting: SCipTiPpy, SCipTiPpy, SCipTiP-teree: An introduction to SCTP - La Monte H.P. Yarroll
Sep 2001: PerlSIG: meeting not held due to events of the day
Aug 2001: General Meeting: Advanced Pthreads - Richard K. Wolf
Aug 2001: PerlSIG: Perl and the Web - Burke Gallagher
Jul 2001: General Meeting: Brief Overview of UNIX/Linux Security- Simon Epsteyn
Jul 2001: PerlSIG: Regular Expressions - Glenn Stafford
Jun 2001: General Meeting: How to be a Independent Consultant - Howard Fosdick
Jun 2001: PerlSIG: The Basic Requirements of Perl - Steven Lembark
May 2001: General Meeting: WSDL: An XML-Based Web Site Description Language - Burke Gallagher
May 2001: PerlSIG: The Building Blocks of OO Perl - Steven Lembark
Apr 2001: General Meeting: Pthread Bootcamp - Richard Wolf
Apr 2001: PerlSIG: Using DBI and DBD:: to Access Databases - Steven Lembark
Mar 2001: General Meeting: Emerging Trends for High Availability - Asim Zuberi & Ayaz Mudarris
Mar 2001: PerlSIG: Setting Up Your First Apache/Mod Perl/Oracle Web Page - Jay Strauss
Mar 2001: Special Meeting: Inside the Linux Kernel - Daniel Bovet
Feb 2001: General Meeting: Using VMware - Joe Kaplenk
Feb 2001: PerlSIG: Using Perl in an Object Oriented Way - Steven Lembark
Jan 2001: General Meeting: Oracle for System Administrators - Mark E. Dawson, Jr.
Dec 2000: Annual Pizza Party
Nov 2000: Computer Simulation Tools - Prof. Barry L. Nelson
Oct 2000: Glenn Stafford's Unix Top Gun (Workshop)
Oct 2000: Metadirectories with LDAP - Matt Coffey & Vinod Kutty
Sep 2000: The Why's and What's of 1 through N-Tier Application Architectures - Scott J. Nemec
Sep 2000: Glenn Stafford's Unix Boot Camp (Workshop)
Aug 2000: A Brief History of Denial of Service Attacks - Viki Navratilova
Jul 2000: DNS Administration - Mike Beirne
Jun 2000: Mod Perl - Matt Coffey
May 2000: Internet Security Threats (Including the ILOVEYOU email worm)- Mike Andrews
Apr 2000: Unix Power Tools Revisited - Glenn Stafford
Apr 2000: Glenn Stafford's Unix Boot Camp (Workshop)
Mar 2000: SANs (Storage Area Networks)-A to Reality - W. Curtis Preston
Feb 2000: E-Commerce - Sunil Khandwala
Jan 2000: Web Development: CGI programming with Perl - David Young
Dec 1999: Annual Pizza Party
Nov 1999: Open Collaboration Protocols, Rich Straka
Oct 1999: Linux Desktops, Bill Latura
Oct 1999: Glenn Stafford's Unix Boot Camp (Workshop)
Sep 1999: An Introduction to CORBA, Paul Jonusaitis
Aug 1999: Clout: a history and future, La Monte Yarroll
Jul 1999: Editor Wars: Emacs strikes back, David J. Young
Jun 1999: Editor Wars: vi, Glenn Stafford
May 1999: The Software Maturity Model: A Case Study, Mike Potter
Apr 1999: Distributed Computing Using Java RMI, Venkat
Mar 1999: Squid, a caching web proxy, Chris Wichura
Feb 1999: Internet Security Workshop
Feb 1999: Perl Scripting, Glenn Stafford
Jan 1999: Linux Grows Up?, Bill Latura
Dec 1998: Annual Pizza Party
Nov 1998: Fibre Channel and SCSI: Compare and Contrast, Greg Schulz
Oct 1998: LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Clayton Donley
Sep 1998: Getting the LAN Details Right -- Configuring TCP/IP and DNS, Mike Andrews
Aug 1998: Introduction to ATM, David Young
Jul 1998: RAID Storage / SCSI and Fibre Channel, Greg Schulz
Jun 1998: IP Masquerading on Linux, Brian Vargyas
May 1998: Linux Flavors, Richard Hinton
Apr 1998: Routers and Switches and Hubs, Oh My!, Mike Andrews
Mar 1998: Inferno (Joint Meeting IEEE/SWE), Dr. Olivier Clarisse
Feb 1998: Advanced Shell Programming, Glenn Stafford
Jan 1998: How to Stop Spam, Karl Denninger, Greg Gulik, Matt Hucke, Clifton Sharp
Dec 1997: Annual Pizza Party
Dec 1997: Web Client Programming with Perl, Clinton Wong
Nov 1997: How to choose a commercial backup product, W. Curtis Preston
Oct 1997: Using Version Control for System Administration, Glenn Stafford
Sep 1997: The Contact Architecture: A Case Study of Perl as an Integration Language, La Monte Yarroll and Doug Blair
Aug 1997: NUMA: The Future of Large Unix Computers?, Bob Loeb and Barry Krasner
Jul 1997: Junk E-mail and Spamming, David Sorkin
Jun 1997: NC: Network Computers II (with IEEE & ACM), Eric Thiele
May 1997: Remote Network Server Access, Mike Andrews
Apr 1997: Network Computers, Eric Thiele
Mar 1997: Java Beans, Steven Jones
Feb 1997: Using Regular Expressions, Glenn Stafford
Jan 1997: ADSL Overview, Gary Hoyne
Dec 1996: Pizza Party
Nov 1996: VRML, Gavin Bell
Oct 22nd 1996: World Wide Web Standards, Harold Driscoll
Oct 1st 1996: Firewalls, Brent Chapman
Sep 1996: Have You Had Your Java Today? Rich Miller and Joe Godsil
Aug 1996: OpenNT, Stephe Walli
Jul 1996: Making POSIX C Work for you, Mike Potter
Jun 1996: Benchmarking ISPs
May 1996: Translating Power Tools to Perl, Glenn Stafford
Apr 1996: Java, David Hilbish
Mar 1996: Walls, Fences and Sieves: An Overview of Internet Firewalls, Doug Price
Feb 1996: Integration of Applications with Web Servers, Jim Seidman
Jan 1996: Chicago Area Internet Infrastructure (Chicago NAP and MAE-Chicago), Mark Knopper and John Hardie
Dec 1995: A Beginners Guide to Cracking, Doug Price, Randy Herber, Bob Radvanovski
Nov 1995: Reversing Entropy -- Making order from chaos in a computing environment, Dave Ihnat
Oct 1995: UNIX SVR4 Operating System Internals, Bill Rowley
Sep 1995: PERL, Glenn Stafford
Aug 1995: Linux, with Bob Salita and the Chicagoland Linux Assoc. of Professionals
Jul 1995: ISDN -- Configuring and Ordering ISDN Services, Jim Lowery
Jun 1995: Fermi Lab tour
May 1995: ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode, David Beering
Apr 1995: Ed Krol's Thoughts on the Internet, Ed Krol
Mar 1995: Automatic Speech Recognition, Ed Bronson