Fermilab Tour

Tuesday October 25th 2016 at 6:00pm


UniForum Chicago is proud to announce it has arranged for a special tour of Fermilab in Batavia, Iliinois on Tuesday, October 25th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

For those who attended our 2012 tour this will be an opportunity to see how Fermilab has evolved since then. For those who've never been there it will be a chance to see what America's particle physics and accelerator laboratory is all about.

The tour will include dsplays at Wilson Hall, Remote Operations Center for CERN, the new particle source RSQ Pre-Accelerator (which replaced the Cockroft-Walton Accelerator), Linear Accelerator, Main Control Room, the new Experimental Controls Center, and the Grid Computing Center. We will adjourn to a yet to be decided restaurant for an informal get-together after the meeting. That restaurant will hopefully be disclosed here at least a week before the tour.

It will not be a bus tour. We will transport ourselves around the Fermi campus by car and foot. The only identification that will be required will be a driver's license for those who will be driving.

The tour is free for members in good standing (ie. the member is up to date on dues) or $5/person for non-members which can be paid at the tour. You can join or renew your membership ahead of time online here: or we will accept check or cash at the tour.

We will be using the page for this meeting ( to collect a list of attendees for the tour. You must sign up before October 18th (one week before the event) and there is a cap of 40 attendees so it's better to sign up sooner than later. Each attendee must RSVP individually on the Meetup page. If there is a reason that you can't add yourself as member to the UniForum Chicago Meetup Group and RSVP for the event, please use the Contact Us link to send us an email or call.

We will meet at Fermilab's Wilson Hall which is at Kirk Rd. and Pine Street in Batavia at 6:00 pm. We will arrange travel groups (carpooling) for within the complex and then the tour begins at 6:30pm. At the present time they advise us to park to the far right of Wilson Hall.

Fermilab's own driving directions are here:

Getting to the meeting

The next general meeting of UniForum Chicago will be:

        Wilson Hall
        Kirk Road and Pine Street
        Batavia, IL 
Google Driving Directions to Fermilab
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