The Adventure of Building a Hackintosh-
A Maze...Of Twisty Little Passages...All Different...

Mike Andrews

November Tuesday 27th 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Bolingbrook, Fountaindale Library, Meeting Room A link to this same meeting


This presentation will be about the challenges, successes, and pitfalls in building a "Hackintosh", an Intel computer running a Mac OS X operating system. We'll discuss why you might to take on such a project and the advantages and disadvantages building your own Mac.

We'll also take a look at another lesser known open source based personal computer platform that may have some surprising capabilities.

As usual we will be having a "Meeting After the Meeting" for talk and drinks, and we are planning it to happen at the Rock Bottom restaurant in the Bolingbrook Promenade mall. The link goes to the restaurant's Bolingbrook website, but if you want a direct link to a map for directions use this link.


Mike Andrews has retired after 25 years as Senior Systems Engineer for AT&T working on IT Infrastructure including Networks & Servers, Security, High Availability, Virtualization and Cloud. He has delivered presentations for Uniforum Chicago since 1997. He is a lifelong technology geek, who began tinkering with electronics when he was 6 years old. He founded a security system contractor company at age 17 where around 1982 he taught himself microcomputers and programming leading to jobs at US Robotics and as a Network and Systems Administrator at the firm of the late famed financial trader and aviator Steve Fossett. At Ameritech Corporation he designed Health Information Networks and managed the IT Infrastructure at the Ameritech corporate headquarters. He is a private pilot and owner of a Piper airplane, and founded of the Pilotcast Aviation Podcast 2005.

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