Automatic Machine Learning with Auto^{n}ML

Piggy Yarroll

Tuesday July 25th, 2023
Zoom session will open at 6:45pm (US Central time - Chicago)
with the meeting starting at 7pm CT thru ending around 9pm CT
(with a short review of Group business before the speaker starts), and virtual Meeting After the Meeting (afterwards)

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In the field of machine learning there are a lot of different algorithms with diverse properties. Understanding these properties can be a barrier to adoption. To address this issue, the Auton Lab at CMU has produced Auto^{n}ML, an automatic ML tool that recommends pipelines for a given problem.

Upon starting at the Auton Lab in the beginning of April 2023, Piggy was given the task of rearchitecting Auto^{n}ML to be more extensible. One key goal was to be able to add a new ML model in less than half an hour, a goal which we have now exceeded several times.

Piggy will talk about the challenges of building a system with very little prior knowledge of the field. He will cover the new architecture and how it captures the objective of providing a framework not just for ML models, but for other ML algorithms. The head of the Auton Lab would like every grad student to be able to add their work to Auto^{n}ML to make it available to data analysts inside the Auton Lab, and to less experienced data analysts out in the wild.

Piggy will show you how you can set up the open source Auto^{n}ML for your own projects.

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Piggy is a charter member of UniForum Chicago and one of the first sysadmins of the Clout Project. He has been programming for 40 years.

After an 11 year stint at Google, he has moved to Carnegie Mellon University to be a Senior Research Programmer in the Auton Lab. The Auton Lab is an applied research lab focused on Machine Learning. La Monte has eclectic interests ranging from computers and electronics to abstract algebra, foreign languages, music, bushwalking, cheesemaking, and father of five :-).

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