Programming the Pebble Time and Apple Watches

Daryl Monge & Kent Archie

Tuesday January 26th 2016 at 7:00pm
Wheaton, Cozymel's Mexican Restaurant, 311 E Loop Rd (Butterfield & E. Loop Rd), Banquet room

Our January general meeting will be in a different location this month. We are trying this location. which is where we hold our usual "After the Meeting" meeting. Orders for food/drink will be taken during the break in the middle of the presentation if you are hungry and don't want to wait until after the presentation (You will be expected to cover your own food/drink costs including tax). Be gracious and buy your own dinner and/or drinks, Cozymel's is letting us use the room for free so it's only right.


There are at least 3 major classes of smartwatches on the market, the Pebble, the Apple Watch and various Android Wear devices. They all have rather different programming environments:

  • The Pebble family is programmed using C and/or JavaScript and a Pebble provided IDE/SDK.
  • The Apple Watch uses Objective C or Swift developed on the Apple XCode IDE.
  • We will be showing how applications are developed for the Pebble Time and the Apple Watch. This won't be a full development tutorial, more an overview to show how development is done for these i watches and what our experiences have been.

    After the meeting we generally adjourn to a more informal get together and discussion. Location for such will be figured out.


    Kent Archie is a software developer at DRW Trading. Over the years he has programmed on everything from Fortran using punched cards on a Univac 1100 to web applications using node.js and Mongodb. He has taught at several local colleges including a brief stint at IIT. He is lately having fun playing with his Pebble watch and Ringo toy robot.

    Daryl Monge is a Principal Consultant for Actian Corp. His background includes database technology, IT operations, and software development and manufacture. His current interests are Analytic database technology, Distributed Computing, and Java software development systems and techniques. Actian is a provider of a broad range of data solutions including an OLTP database, analytic databases, an object database, and connectivity and transformation tools.

    Getting to the meeting

    The next General meeting of UniForum Chicago will be at:

            Cozymel's Mexican Restaurant
            311 East Loop Road
            Butterfield E. Loop Rd. 
            (next to Chick-fil-A by the IIT-Rice campus)
            Wheaton, IL  60187

    The previous IIT-Rice location in Wheaton we have been enjoying over the past decade is no longer what we will be using. This location is our usual "After the Meeting" meeting where we would go after the presentation. Tonight, we are having the presentation at the same place that people can get food/drink.

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