Working from Home, and the State/Technology of Video Conferencing

Mike Andrews

April Tuesday 28th 2020
Zoom session will open at 6:45pm
with the meeting starting at 7pm thru ending at 9pm
(with a short review of Group business before the speaker starts, and virtual Meeting After the Meeting afterwards)

The Fountaindale Library is closed for Meetings for now.

This meeting will be run virtually on-line using a planned UniForum Chicago Zoom account link to this same meeting


This presentation will be about the best practices, technology, software tools and hardware necessary for working from home and videoconferencing including a run thru on Zoom. Mike will provide an overview of the major videoconferencing platforms covering their advantages/disadvantages. Mike will pass along some predictions and insights on the future on videoconferencing for business events and education. There will be a roundtable for questions and discussions of videoconferencing issues after the presentation. A future presentation will cover video production hardware and software including the open source Open Broadcaster and the Mac app mimoLive.

This will be a virtual meeting on Zoom, for the first time simultaneously live streamed to social media. The link to this Zoom meeting will be emailed one hour before the meeting.

Follow the Twitter account @uniforumchicago and/or the Uniforum Chicago Facebook group for the live stream we will be attempting for the first time.

There will NOT be a in-person Meeting after the Meeting planned for this presentation, due to the State of Illinois Covid-19 virus direction for Social Distancing for groups. However expect there to be time for a virtual Meeting After the Meeting.


Mike Andrews has retired after 25 years working from home as Senior Technical Architect for AT&T working on IT Infrastructure including Networks & Servers, Security, High Availability, Virtualization and Cloud.

Recently as a charter member of Alex Lindsay’s Office Hours webinar he has been learning video production, conferencing and live streaming to social media.

He has delivered presentations for Uniforum Chicago since 1997. He is a lifelong technology geek, who began tinkering with electronics when he was 6 years old. He founded a security system contractor company at age 17 where around 1982 he taught himself microcomputers and programming leading to jobs at US Robotics and as a Network and Systems Administrator at the firm of the late famed financial trader and aviator Steve Fossett. At Ameritech Corporation he designed Health Information Networks and managed the IT Infrastructure at the Ameritech corporate headquarters. He is a private pilot and owner of a Piper airplane, and founded of the Pilotcast Aviation Podcast in 2005. He was recently married.

Getting to the meeting

This April 2020 General meeting of UniForum Chicago (time as described with the meeting's title above) will NOT be at a physical location, but will be a virtual on-line meeting using a planned Zoom meeting for whom the Zoom URL for connecting to the meeting will be emailed to those that RSVP'd Yes to the version for this meeting one hour before the start of the meeting.

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