Edge Computing and its Applications in Scientific Research

Rajesh Sankaran

August Thursday 23rd 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Bolingbrook, Fountaindale Library, Meeting Room B link to this same meeting


Join us for this open to the public meeting what will be a very interesting presentation and discussion on a new technology developed by Argonne National Laboratory along with the University of Chicago, enabling a new breed of smart city research and sensor-driven environmental science the implementation of which promises future benefits to our society.

Edge computing pushes computing applications, data, and services away from some central computing resource to the other logical extreme that makes contact with the physical world, exploiting the proximity to the physical items of interest, and also their inter-relationships. Moving the computation closer to the area of interest reduces the communication bandwidth which would otherwise be needed if all the data processing and analysis was done centrally. In addition to bandwidth, edge computing also brings in advantages in the realms of time, space and identity when used appropriately, and hence as a computing paradigm is enormously useful in our understanding of cities and other man-made and natural spaces. In this talk we take a broad look at edge computing. Next, I will discuss briefly an implementation of an end-to-end edge computing platform for scientific research called Waggle, and finally, we will look at how edge computing benefits scientific research with a few example use cases including the Array of Things initiative.

As usual we will be having a "Meeting After the Meeting" for talk and drinks, and we are planning it to probably happen at the Rock Bottom restaurant in the Bolingbrook Promenade mall. The link goes to the restaurant's Bolingbrook website, but if you want a direct link to a map for directions starting at the library use this link.


Rajesh (Raj) Sankaran is an Assistant Scientist in the Mathematics and Computer Science division of Argonne National Laboratory. Raj co-leads the "Waggle" research platform R&D and is the lead engineer on the Array of Things project. He is interested in research topics related to Attentive Sensing, Embedded Computing Systems, Sensor Driven Computation and Computationally Steered Sensing, and Distributed/Edge Computing. His research at Argonne has involved close collaborations with Environmental, Urban, High-Performance Computing and Weather/Climate researchers. Raj received his PhD in Electrical And Computer Engineering from Louisiana State University.

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