Firewalls using Linux

Blair Hicks

Tuesday June 25th 2002 at 7:00pm
College of DuPage, SRC 1450ab


Firewalls have evolved and diversified to the point that most users on the Internet are not only familiar with the concept, but are most likely using some type of firewall on a daily basis. From the standpoint of the systems administrator, the increasingly widespread use of firewalls poses both opportunities and pitfalls. The purpose of this session will be to help users administer firewalls in a sane and efficient manner.

The first part of the discussion will involve an introduction to the various features available to users of firewalls. After a brief overview of the different varieties of firewalls, the discussion will cover in depth some of the features available in the new Linux firewalling software, iptables. We will also examine the important distinction between firewalls that are stateful versus those that are stateless.

The second part of the session will focus on more advanced functions of iptables firewalls, including network address translation and user-defined chains. Finally, methods to coordinate the setup, monitoring, and testing of firewalls will be discussed.

Speaker Bio

Blair has been administering Unix systems since 1991, when an IBM RS/6000 appeared in his research lab at the University of Illinois. Discovering that his Fortran programs ran significantly faster on that platform than on a PDP-11, Blair quickly adapted to the new environment. After completing a Master's degree on the analysis of EEG data, Blair began focusing more on using networks for information exchange and collaboration. Blair's current projects involve building firewalls using IPTables, and administering WebSphere and Jakarta application servers.

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