Tawking AWK

Kent Archie

Tuesday August 25th 2020
Zoom session will open at 6:15pm (Central time)
with the meeting starting at 6:30pm thru ending around 8:30pm
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AWK is designed for processing and filtering text data using patterns. It's especially suited to managing log files but can be used for most anything. I think of it as a C interpreter in the command line. Add in the associative arrays (maps in C# or Java, dicts in Python) and you have a pretty powerful tool.

But why use awk when you have Perl, Python and bash? If you already know one or more of these, they will let you do everything awk does. But I think the syntax of awk is simpler than Perl and bash and more expressive than bash alone. I think Perl and Python are overkill for many applications.

Here I will go over the basic syntax of the language and how associative arrays work. Then we'll go over examples and combine AWK with some other tools to manipulate and interpret data. A quick example. A friend sends you a file of x,y values but made a mistake and reversed the columns. This fixes that: gawk -F "," '{print $2 "," $1 }' < plotdata.txt

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Kent Archie is a retired software developer. Over the years he has programmed on everything from Fortran using punched cards on a Univac 1100 to web applications using node.js and Mongodb. He has taught at several local colleges including DePaul and North Central. He is lately having fun building phone apps and working on a backlog of unread books. This will be Kent's 5th presentation before UniForum Chicago.

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