Argonne Is On The Road To Exascale

Dr. Michael Papka

Tuesday July 12th 2016 at 6:30pm
Bolingbrook, Fountaindale Library, Meeting Room A (1st floor)


Argonne is on the road to Exascale. Over the next two years, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility will continue its dynamic evolution with the installation of the Theta and Aurora systems. But what are Theta and Aurora? And how will those systems, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility and Argonne expertise help the nation attain Exascale computing capacity. Michael Papka will discuss these topics as well as provide a general overview of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.

As usual we will be having a "Meeting After the Meeting" for talk and drinks afterwards, currently planning on being Gordon Biersch restaurant in the Bolingbrook Promenade outside mall.


As director of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Dr. Michael Papka is responsible for a Department Of Energy national scientific user facility that houses one of the world's fastest supercomputers and enables researchers to address some of the toughest challenges in science and engineering. In his role as deputy in the Computing, Enviromental and Life Sciences directorate, which is a collection of divisions and institutes spanning Argonne and the University of Chicago, he supports programmatic efforts that either strongly contribute to or greatly benefit from high performance computing.

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