WSDL: An XML-Based Web Site Description Language

Burke Gallagher
Telescan Inc.

Tuesday May 22nd 2001 at 7:00pm
OCC 128(a,b)


What can you do with XML and Perl? You can build a compilier for web sites. As web sites become larger and more dynamic, the difficulty of developing and maintaining them becomes more apparent. This talk explores using higher-level abstractions to design web sites. In particular, a new Web Site Description Language (WSDL) is defined for describing the structure of a web site at a high level of abstraction. A Page Layout Language (PLL) is used to describe the general presentation of individual pages. Both of these languages are defined as Extensible Markup Language (XML) applications, allowing them to benefit from tools and libraries designed to support XML. These two high-level descriptions are combined with the content of the pages in a compilation phase that creates the entire web site.

Speaker Bio

Burke Gallagher works as a senior developer for Telescan Inc. There he has developed online data services for the last 15 years, including one of the first services to employ the client / server model to replace the tty model. He is currently involed in putting an XML front end on all raw data servers, and a NT to UNIX migration.

He has been programming microcomputers since 1975. He has worked in everything from embedded programing on oil drilling rigs and smart cards to web servers for the dot coms.

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