Search Engine Optimization: Get Better Results from the Web

Joe Vangsness

Tuesday Feb 22nd, 2022
Zoom session will open at 6:15pm (US Central time - Chicago)
with the meeting starting at 6:30pm thru ending around 8:30pm
(with a short review of Group business before the speaker starts), and virtual Meeting After the Meeting (afterwards)

This meeting will be run virtually on-line using our UniForum Chicago Zoom account link to this same meeting


Joe Vangsness will give a presentation on the basics of SEO and demonstrate some of the tools and practices that are available today. The presentation will include:

  • How search engines work
  • Setting SEO goals
  • Determining keywords
  • Optimizing the website
  • Link building
  • Free & paid tools to make the job easier
  • SEO for WordPress and Drupal content management systems
  • How Google Ranking factors have changed
  • The new importance of Google My Business & other Google properties
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console

    This will also be considered an Annual Meeting (which usually would be the year's January general meeting), when we will have half of the group's Board Member slots being voted on by the audience. If anyone that is considered a paid member of the group wants to be included on the ballot for the Board Member vote, please say so when the question is brought up.

    This will be a virtual meeting on Zoom. The link to this Zoom meeting will be found in the associated announcement once you RSVP Yes under its Date/Time as its Location. See above under the meeting's title where it says the link.

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    Our live meetings have been held at the Bolingbrook Fountaindale Library but we have been holding our meetings virtually since the pandemic began since March 2020. However, there is now the possibility of holding live meetings going forward but will be decided as they are defined.


    Joe Vangsness provides web design services for small businesses, non profits and professionals. He works with both WordPress and Drupal content management systems.

    His web design services include strategy, design, development, installation & support. He also offers digital marketing strategy, SEO, web analytics and content strategy.

    Joe makes presentations on SEO and Internet Marketing Strategy and has given this presentation to the WordPress Community Meetup in Beverly, the Chicago Drupal Meetup and the Evanston Web Professionals.

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