Launch a WordPress Website (and pick the right theme)

Scott Winterroth

Tuesday February 23rd, 2021
Zoom session will open at 6:15pm (Central time)
with the meeting starting at 6:30pm thru ending around 8:30pm
(with a short review of Group business before the speaker starts), and virtual Meeting After the Meeting (afterwards)

The Fountaindale Library is closed for Meetings for now.

This meeting will be run virtually on-line using our UniForum Chicago Zoom account link to this same meeting


WordPress is a powerful open source content management platform that is used by more than 35% of the Internet’s top websites and blogs. It’s not only growing in popularity, it’s growing as a tool. Since WordPress 5.0, new features are pushing it more into a site design editor with block-based content editing and even site-wide editing.

When starting a new or redesign website project today, most of your time is spent on selecting a theme and on the initial site design strategy. In this presentation exclusively for UniForum Chicago, Scott Winterroth will share some of his best tips and tools for selecting a WordPress theme - on any budget. He will review and compare some of the top WordPress theme options along with first-hand experiences for what to avoid.

Join us to learn exactly why you might want to consider these themes for building your next website or blog - for fun or profit. All attendees will receive a free copy of Scott’s eBook - 50 WordPress Plugins You Should Know plus a handout with information from the presentation.

In this virtual workshop, we will cover:

  • Getting Started Best Practices
  • Installing WordPress
  • Selecting a Theme
  • Ideas and tips for not wasting your time

  • This will be a virtual meeting on Zoom. The link to this Zoom meeting will be emailed one hour before the meeting to those that have RSVP'd Yes on our copy of this meeting annoucement.

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    There will NOT be a in-person Meeting after the Meeting planned for this presentation, due to the State of Illinois Covid-19 virus direction for Social Distancing for groups. However expect there to be time after the presentation for a virtual Meeting After the Meeting.


    Scott Winterroth is an author, speaker and marketing consultant and co-founder of Content Academy®. He is a self-proclaimed WordPress evangelist and proponent of the open source sharing community, which he has leveraged to create and maintain hundreds of websites and blogs since 2006. Scott provides freelance marketing, WordPress hosting and online training.

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